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Modern Way Witch Guest Spot — Fire Element
6:45 PM18:45

Modern Way Witch Guest Spot — Fire Element


I’m delighted to be co hosting with Leonie Ferrer on the Modern Way Witch course. I’ll be helping to introduce the theme of fire, and the power and passion it can light within ourselves.

Friday evenings are about to get very interesting...

Following a successful 'one of a kind'; 2018 course we're coming back to spread more magic, miracles and mysticism this February at the wondrous Charnock Farm, Royal Exchange Mcr. 

Join us on Friday 15th February for a ritualistic five week into the world of witchery and magic, unlocking hidden truths within your soul, empowering you to step into the magic with a foot in both worlds - The physical world, and the metaphysical.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

Hidden in plain sight, Charnock Farm is home to a love filled, candlelit studio where you will be led into phase one of your magical journey. You will be held in a sisterhood of fellow mystics, lightworkers and witches, artists, teachers and seekers as we delve deep into the elements of the water, earth, fire, air and aether.


Week Three: Friday 1st March

6.45pm - 8.15pm

Passion, Pleasure, Power- unleashing your inner warrior. Initiation into the Fire Element.

It's time to roar and let your inner warrior shine. Fire represents both your lurking shadows and greatest power. Discover your spirit animal, burn away all that no longer serves you and face your demons. Fire is symbolic of ritual purification and death: It is here that we let go of outdated versions of the 'self' and limiting beliefs.

Tiickets: £15

Contact me to book your space

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AromaYoga — Release and Restore
7:00 PM19:00

AromaYoga — Release and Restore


AROMA YOGA - Release & Restore

Tickets - £12

I will be bringing the experiences of yoga and aromatherapy together in a grounding 45 minute class, held at Space at The Mill, Manchester.

Replenish your sense of health and self with some nurturing and nourishing movement. This Restorative Yoga class will take you through a deep relaxing range of Yoga exercises, specifically designed to help you to wind down and replenish your body, mind and soul. The class will include a meditation practice, pranayama (breathing) techniques, and gentle mobility and flexibility exercises. The restorative benefits of the class will be enhanced with the use of relevant doTERRA pure natural therapeutic grade Essential Oils.  

You’ll also get samples of each oil we use during the class to take home and read a little more about.

This class will consist of a 45 minute Restorative Aroma Yoga session. 

  • Once you have booked your place you will be sent a basic health questionnaire to make sure that I am aware of any relevant health issues. Please ensure you return this by email before the day.

  • Please bring a jumper and socks or similar for Savasana and relaxation parts of the class.

  • Mats and blocks will be provided but please feel free to bring any of your own.

  • Please email with any queries and I’ll be happy to help.

Contact me to book your place

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