White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen — Liverpool

White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen — Liverpool


A couple of weeks ago I had to head to Liverpool to renew my passport (last minute, as always) but knowing I had a four hour wait there was music to my ears. I've been following White Wolf yoga on Instagram since they launched, and I'd been dying to head there and see the space. So at a ten minute walk from the passport office, it was a no brainer.

I booked myself into a class with Louise just to make sure I got a spot, and headed there a little early so I could enjoy the kitchen before the session. I'd seen them posting about the Yerba Mate tea they'd got in recently, so I gave it a go — the perfect brew to chill out with while I got in the zone.

I didn't order food but had major envy over the other guests' plates… 


The class was a lunch time slot, which I can imagine is perfect for people working nearby. It was a great balance of calming as well as being quite a strong workout. Louise's class had a vinyasa style to it with great flows — the poses connected really well. The only thing I would add is that it may be a little difficult if you haven't done yoga before, it's quite quick and you need a basic knowledge of how to align your joints etc. I'm sure there is a class for beginners though as they do seem to cater well for everyone. 


A really nice touch at the end of the session was the little Reiki style technique that Louise brought in during savasana. She walked round each person resting on the floor, and applied some light touches to the shoulders and forehead that instantly made you melt into the floor. The use of oils also brought a really comforting scent.


I felt good after the class, and could definitely feel it the day after. It was a great workout that really stretched you out and toned your muscles.


Thanks to Louise and all at White Wolf! 

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