The Oil Cleansing Method — Natural ways to care for your skin



I first tried oil cleansing around four years ago — I've always had oily skin and struggled to find products that worked for me. I always found that they'd dry me out too much, in turn forcing my skin to produce more oil as it wondered wtf was going on and why my face had turned into a raisin all of a sudden.  

After getting over the initial thought of 'surely oil will make oily skin worse…' and trying a few oil based products I was slowly becoming convinced. My problem was that I found all the products recommended were quite expensive, and some of them contained extra chemicals and nasty things I didn't want to be rubbing into my skin. 

Thats when I found the Oil Cleansing Method. After a bit of online research and panicking that it would turn me into some greasy, sweaty looking weirdo, I gave it a go. 

As as everyone says, it really does take trial and error to find the right balance for you. Luckily the standard recipes for oily skin worked for me straight away, I just played around with essential oils and the types I was using out of curiosity.  

Here are some of the combinations you can try for different skin types. This isn't a method just for oily skin — it also works great on balanced, dry and aging faces too! 




OCM — 

#1 Oily Skin
Ratio — 50% Castor Oil, 50% Carrier Oil (see below for some good examples)

#2 Balanced Skin
Ratio — 30% Castor Oil, 70% Carrier Oil

#3 Dry Skin
Ratio — 25% Castor Oil, 75% Carrier Oil

Mix in a small bottle and add any essential oils you like. I choose mine based on scent as I hate bad smelling face cleansers, but you can base yours on the benefits it has for your skin.  

I also like to add a couple of drops of vitamin E oil to really nourish my face and get those extra benefits. 

I mix in a carrier oil because castor oil is quite thick in consistency, and works to gently dry out some areas of the face.  

Some examples of carrier oils are — 
Sweet Almond oil (my favourite choice) 
Avocado oil
Jojoba oil
Grape seed oil




The Doterra essential oils are my current favourite, I use the citrus blend in my cleanser but lavender and melaleuca are really great ones too. I'll be writing a post about the Doterra oils soon so keep your eyes peeled…

If you have tried the OCM let me know your thoughts, whether you liked it or not! Get in touch and share your experiences x