Tutorial & Tips — Hairstyles for training.

Tutorial & Tips — Hairstyles for training.

Sorry guys, you might wanna skip past this one.

If you have long hair, you'll know exactly what I mean by the struggle when it comes to training. Some days I really can't be assed and just slap it back in a bun, but it's so bad for your hair (and your look). These are my favourite hairstyles for different training purposes — also handy for if you're new to training and wondering about the most convenient style.


The groundwork/wrestling look — scruffy buns.
My all time favourite. These buns used to be a trademark of mine when I was a teenager cos it was my go to hairstyle. So simple but works so well. They work for any type of training but particularly well in groundwork because they allow you to put your head back on the mat without anything getting in the way. Having two buns instead of one stops the intense pull on your hair, and lets your head breathe because of the parting. 

  • Divide hair into two parts. Tie off to keep them out the way. 
  • Take one section and create a pigtail as high as you like it — I like mine just above my ear. 
  • Begin wrapping your hair tie around but stop after one loop. 
  • Now start to twist your pigtail around your finger, and it will naturally curl and wrap around the hair tie. Once all the hair is bundled up, secure with the bobble.
  • Repeat on the other side, and it's as easy as that. So quick and simple and makes you look like Chun-Li. What's not to love.

The sparring look — pinned back pony.
So if you're sparring you're probably going to be wearing a head guard. This means any type of bun just won't fit in there and it'll feel uncomfortable and put you off. I like to wear a ponytail for this, just because it's the easiest way to fit on your guard without any issues. 

I'll pin my fringe back into a quiff, then tie up in a loose pony, tucking any bits inside the guard. This way it can move to fit within the guard and doesn't cause any problems or weird lumps.


The lifting look — braids.
When you're just doing a weight session it's not as important to tie your hair right up, you just want it out of the way. My favourite way to tie my hair back without doing it any damage is just to braid it into either one ponytail, or two pigtails. 

I'm shit at french braids and anything fancy like that so I just do the simple plait, but I love the look of the more complex stuff. I like using this style because it doesn't put any stress on my hair or make it too kinky, so I can look human again quickly after a workout.


The running look — pony and cap.
Even though it's probably not the best for a sweaty head (and hat hair) I always wear a cap when I run outdoors. Mostly because I don't want anyone to recognise me when they see me blowing out my ass after a huge hill, but it just keeps everything out of my way.

It's the easiest method ever so I won't bore you with details, but just pop your hair in a pony tail in the same position your snapback sits, and tuck any loose bits inside so they don't keep hitting you in the eye or getting in your mouth (so annoying). In winter I pop a fleece band underneath too to keep my ears toasty.

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