Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Skin care

Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Skin care

I’m bringing to you all a five part series, giving you step by step ideas of how to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your morning routine. Whether you apply all five daily, pick and mix which ones you use or just apply them all once a month as a part of a self-care day, any inclusion of these practices at all will benefit your morning in some way.

From helping us become more present and aware of the seemingly mundane tasks we usually perform ‘just because’, to becoming more aware of our bodies and how to care for them, taking the time to properly prepare for the day ahead can make a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

Just as a note, none of these posts are sponsored - the products I mention are ones that I genuinely use and recommend, and I have no current affiliation with the brands.

And here is your third routine - skin care.


Now skin care is one topic that does stand apart from the rest, as most of us do pay a lot of attention to how it’s looking and the products we’re using. The issue is, we just tend to look from the outside. We see blemishes and dry or oily patches, and try to remedy them with chemical laden cleansers and toners from the high street (sometimes in desperation trying out the ones that require a mortgage to pay for…).

A lot of what happens with our skin starts internally. What we eat, how hydrated we are, stress levels, hormones, etc etc. But that’s another post for another day. Today we can look at how you can really nourish your skin using natural products that don’t cost the earth (in more ways than one), and how this can be woven into your personal care routine to help you really feel grateful for the skin you’re in.

I have set up a skin care quiz for you to try, that will help you to get a feel for the products and natural ingredients that would best suit your skin and routines. Simply answer the questions, submit your result s and you’ll receive a personal email response detailing your skin type and how best to nourish it. Give it a go!


01— Cleanse

This is a bit of a cheat as I recommend you do this cleanse in the evening before bed. But this does help you to prep for the following day, cuts a lot of time out of your skin care regime when you’re rushing in the morning and helps you to relax, ready for a great night’s sleep.

My favourite cleansing method of all time is the oil cleansing method. And all you oily skinned beauties out there - don’t roll your eyes. I was once the oiliest of them all, just running my finger along my forehead left it shiny and waxy feeling. Yak. I tried hundreds of different cleansers and face washes, from the expensive brands (not mentioning any names) to the harsh, grit filled scrubs I’d frantically grate my face off with daily. All they did was strip the oil out of my face, only to make my skin go into panic mode and produce even more oil to make up for the stuff it had lost. I thought it was a lost cause. Until… the OCM.

You can read more about the details in my OCM exclusive post here, and this is how I recommend you begin your cleansing routine. The oils are made from a combination of carrier and essential oils, each one tailored to benefit your skin type. Castor oil - great for oily skin, Almond oil - great for dry and combination skin, etc etc. If you’d like to know more about constitutions or arrange a customised face care package, send me a message and we can chat!

  1. In the evening, whether you’re wearing makeup or not, squirt a fifty pence sized amount of oil into your palm. Rub it between your hands to warm it up slightly and make it a little less viscous.

  2. Massage the oil into your face, using circular motions. Make sure you focus on the whole surface area of the face, massaging a little more into the forehead, nose and any troublesome areas. Treat this like a little (bargain) spa treatment, helping that blood to circulate through your skin and keep those cells regenerating and youthful.

  3. Now run a flannel under hot water, until it feels nice and warm. Here you have two options. You can place the flannel over your face for a couple of minutes, giving yourself a mini steam facial. This will help the oils to penetrate the skin and nourish deep down, drawing out any impurities and toxins that may be hidden in there. Then using the flannel, wipe away all of the oil until you are left fresh and smooth faced. You can skip the steaming method if you’re short on time, but try to do this at least once a week to boost the benefits of the process.

The oils are an amazing makeup remover - they take away even the darkest of smokey eyes (trust me, I’ve tested it) and don’t take excessive rubbing and scrubbing to get rid. They also don’t give you that stinging feeling after cleaning off your eye makeup, which I really have a passionate hate for in other (chemical) cleansers.

As I said this is best applied in the evening, meaning the following morning you can simply splash your face with cold water and you’re ready to go. This keeps your skin working at its own pace, giving it a helping hand every 24 hours to push out the toxins it may have gathered that day.


02— Moisturise

Depending on your skin type, this step may not actually be necessary. The oils are so soothing for your skin that they stick around after you’ve cleansed (which also helps to prevent your skin throwing more oil into the equation) - so if you’re particularly oily then I’d practice without moisturising for a while and judge how your skin feels.

However, if you have dry skin or would like a little hydration boost throughout the day, this is your dream moisturiser. A super light oil that is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t stay on the surface - making you feel greasy or prompting your makeup to gradually slide south. The best oils for this are almond and sesame, adding essential oils that compliment your skin type, or just your favourite scents.

Use a small, five pence sized amount and massage into the face, focusing on any particularly dry areas. Always pay good attention to your neck, using upward strokes to avoid the inevitable weight of gravity taking you victim too soon.


03— Mask

So I recommend using a good quality, natural face mask once a week. My current favourite method is using powder masks that you add your own liquid to - giving you the choice of water or oil (or even avocado or honey!) depending on how your skin’s feeling in the moment.

This is also something I offer as part of a customised package, and you should really think about the ingredients of your mask depending on your skin type. Charcoal may be all the rage at the moment, but if you have particularly dry skin it might not be for you. For oily people like me however, it’s great at drawing out impurities and helping to reset your skin’s natural constitution. Another favourite of mine is Australian Pink Clay - this is great for all skin types, and mixed with the right ingredients it can be bliss for your skin. There are also ingredients that can energise the skin like matcha. As I said, it’s all about personal preference and what your skin is crying out for.

So there we have it. A 100% natural, spa-like skincare routine that doesn’t break the bank or take hours to complete. Really focusing on your skin’s textures and colours can help you become in tune with your body, and using the massage techniques will really get you in the moment and appreciating how hard your skin works for you.

If you’d like to know more about how to care for your particular skin type, or arrange a quick (free) consultation with me then feel free to get in touch. I build custom skin care packages for clients who want to try the OCM, whether you’d like to start off with just a cleanser, or the whole trio. As mentioned earlier, you also take the skin care quiz and receive a unique email recommending how to care for your face naturally.

Keep your eye out for the next part in this series, where we will look into our first meal of the day and how treating this as an important source of energy for the day can get us off to the best start.

Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Breakfast

Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Breakfast

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