Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Mental prep

Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Mental prep

I’m bringing to you all a five part series, giving you step by step ideas of how to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your morning routine. Whether you apply all five daily, pick and mix which ones you use or just apply them all once a month as a part of a self-care day, any inclusion of these practices at all will benefit your morning in some way.

From helping us become more present and aware of the seemingly mundane tasks we usually perform ‘just because’, to becoming more aware of our bodies and how to care for them, taking the time to properly prepare for the day ahead can make a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

Just as a note, none of these posts are sponsored - the products I mention are ones that I genuinely use and recommend, and I have no current affiliation with the brands.

Now last but not least, the final part of the series — mental prep.


Getting in the right frame of mind early in your day is one of the main foundations to keeping a calm and steady mindset, whatever life throws at you. If you’re waking up and getting ready for work, these methods work amazingly to keep you feeling balanced, focused and more positive as you tackle an array of tasks, traffic, emails and all the unpredictable stuff we have to juggle on a daily basis.


01— Meditation

A ten minute task that can both help you get out of bed and to get through the day without tearing your hair out? Sign me up.

My favourite time to do this is either just after waking up, or while I oil pull (see more about this in my Ayurvedic oral care article) . Taking 10 to 15 minutes to really sit with yourself and stop that morning rush helps us to slow down a little and get everything done in a more methodical and mindful way, quieting the chatter in our head and the panic of how everything is going to get done in time.

Find a guided meditation to help you - it can be really difficult to meditate alone without any prompts until you’re experienced, so there’s no harm in following someone else’s guidance. I love the Headspace app, and I am a subscriber to one O eight as I love all the videos they have available. There are plenty of free options on YouTube too!


02— Journalling

I love journalling, and believe it is a practice so many people should integrate into their lives. Again, another ten minutes just to write a few quick notes in the morning can help to switch your point of view on the things going on around you.

I recommend two methods for morning journalling…

  1. Thought dumping.
    Simply taking a pen and paper, and writing anything that comes to your mind. It’s the very start of the day, so there’s no pressure to write anything prolific - just jot down how you’re currently feeling, what you’d like to achieve during the day (even if it’s just wearing your tshirt the right way around) or anything that comes to your mind. Don’t censor yourself, don’t edit your thoughts. No one else is going to read this so there is absolutely no need to perform.

  2. Gratitude list.
    Writing gratitude lists can change me from feeling incredibly low, to feeling a strangely still, clear and calm sensation. Your list can be as big or as small as necessary, and the points on there can be huge or the tiniest things. Recognising the small good things that happen in your life help you to remember them, and also appreciate smaller things more often in the future. You’ll begin to notice the odd kind gesture or the fact you managed to miss stepping in a puddle at the last minute and feel content and appreciative of life.

    We’re all guilty of only remembering and feeling the big events that happen to us, and sometimes it happens that most of those are negative. As soon as we start seeing the small things, our perspective is flipped and we smile more.


02— Yoga

Waking your body up gently is a great way to get going, and to help avoid any stiffness and discomfort during the day. A quick, 15 minute wake up routine is all it takes - and this can consist of the most gentle flow. This is a great personal way to start your day, as you can choose your practice depending on how you’re feeling. If you’d like to really warm up your body and do some sun salutations, amazing. If you’re feeling like you haven’t woken up and just need to sit and practice pranayama (breathing exercises) for a little while, also amazing. You do you.

So there we have it. The fifth and final part of our Ayurvedic morning series. I’ll be writing more of these on different themes in the near future, so if you have any requests or questions about how to apply these practices to your day, then let me know!

I’d love to know how you’ve got on, and how doing any of these methods have changed even the smallest aspect of your day. Feel free to reach out and send me an email with your experiences!

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Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Breakfast

Series — Weaving Ayurveda into your morning routine | Breakfast