And... Rei. The beginning of the Martial Arts Blog.

Kickboxing Sparring Session

Welcome to Yoi Dachi.

I'm so happy to have finally launched this blog after a lot of deliberation... I couldn't find a place to draw inspiration from during my training, so I decided to make it myself. I hope it helps to motivate you, answer any questions you may have about the lifestyle and just be a cool place to read new shit.

Yoi Dachi (pronounced 'Yoy Datchee') is the Japanese term for ready stance — the position you take in the moment before a fight when you're focused, your mind is clear and you're ready to go.

I'm currently a yellow belt Kickboxing and white belt in Kempo, so I'm not claiming to be a genius on either subject. I just train hard and thrive on it, and want to take you with me on the steps between each level.

I've got some huge plans this year, including travels that I'll take you on while training martial arts as well as yoga, my favourite recipes to rely on when I'm pushing myself and some awesome photography and videos. Most of the photography on this blog was done by Scott Cross — give him a shout if you like what you see!

If you have anything you would want me to post on in particular then feel free to comment! And don't forget to follow on Instagram - @yoidachi


Photography — Scott Cross

Gloves — Blitz
Sports Bra — Reebok Combat

My obsession with tea has found a home.

My obsession with tea has found a home.